Uber’s new air-taxi service will put airports out of business and at the same time, cause the number of planes in the air to skyrocket.

Monumental shifts like this always cause a massive transfer of wealth. Some lose fortunes and others get rich.

If you know the right companies to be positioned in, you’re more likely to find yourself in the “get rich” camp.

Here are just two major changes you’ll be able to profit from:

- Uber executives say their new air-taxi service - scheduled to launch later this year - will result in 10 times more commercial flights in Los Angeles than the FAA currently handles throughout the entire United States.

- Air traffic control towers will become obsolete, just like airports, thanks to innovative technology. Raytheon and other companies have already started building “remote virtual control towers”.

This technology is INSANE.

Remote control towers can direct traffic at an airport hundreds of miles away… just as easily as if they were onsite. And each tower can handle multiple airports at the same time.

So now the FAA will have the ability to fully monitor flights anywhere through these new virtual control towers. Planes don’t have to take off and land at an overcrowded airport.

With everything going on today, this is a HUGE benefit.

The National Air Traffic Services calls virtual towers “the next big thing” in the aviation industry.

But this “next big thing” technology is here NOW.

Over 20,000 new towers are expected to be built in the U.S. this year. And construction in Europe could outpace the States!

You can almost smell the potential profits.

I’ll be sharing a lot more detail on these exciting technologies - and how to profit from them - at 1PM (Tuesday, March 31) at the Technology Crossroads 2020 Summit.

See you there!

Bill Spencer
Editor-in-Chief, True Market Insiders