Thanks to new technology I’ll reveal at the Technology Crossroads 2020 Summit, the days of putting up with surly TSA agents are numbered.

Same with having to arrive two hours before departure…

Waiting in line for the baggage man…

And suffering through a jam-packed flight.

That’s because airports will soon be as obsolete as payphones.

In their place, you’ll enjoy “mini-terminals” that only require you to arrive 15 minutes or so ahead of time.

There you’ll be greeted by a friendly valet who will hand-carry your luggage to the plane.

When you board that plane, you’ll see it’s a modern jet that’s just a fraction of the size of today’s 747s.

Once aboard, you’ll sit in a comfortable seat with plenty of legroom.

And upon takeoff, your plane will rise quietly…and vertically (almost like a helicopter with a mute button).


Hardly – the wheels for this transformation in air travel are in motion today.

Already Uber’s launching a new airborne ride-sharing service it will test out in 2020.

Making sure this service becomes a reality are a NASA scientist and the man who invented the military’s famed Predator drone.

Uber is so confident about the prospects of this service, they’ve announced it will be available for public use in 2023.


You bet.


Yes again – especially for those who invest in a company at the forefront of the technology making all this possible.

I’ll give you more details at 1 p.m. Eastern on Tuesday March 31st, when the Technology Crossroads 2020 Summit goes live.

See you there!

Bill Spencer
Editor-in-Chief, True Market Insiders